if Mya has the bullet in her head still i think you should put a big magnet on her wound on the hole and hopefully any bullet will come out💗hope Mya recovers completely💗💕🌈looks like the police are shooting/attacking citizanz and the military is releasing people from prison.is it the police attacking citizanz or military?or both?or are the police and the military fighting eachother?is this misleading news?its like they are stating the info but it mixez all eventz together so they sorta say stuff the police are doing but dont differenchiate that the military iz not doing those thingz and rolled in lookz like to protect the people.

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hiy luhvz💗iym danu ihn calgary canada💗danu@happynuland.com💗for possable friendship teamwork and luhv💗text with your imaj so i know who you are💗14033695485💗

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