i think in Miyamar the protestorz are civil workers who worked for the ladie who was in power there cops on her payroll are who has been shooting/harming protestors and military is taking possition to fix that problem but bell media’s ctv news makes them sound like military is attacking protestors,i think they arnt tho~also bell media is marketing/promoting/mentally hiptotizing our people into participating/believing in the tragic pandemic in step and az a vital part ov covax skahmdehmihk. (side note)~yay moose in edmonton💗and bison in yellowstone💗💕🌈

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hiy luhvz💗iym danu ihn calgary canada💗danu@happynuland.com💗for possable friendship teamwork and luhv💗text with your imaj so i know who you are💗14033695485💗

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