i think kidz should not get swab tested at schools nor anywhere.nor getting vaccinated nor injected with needles ever nor and surgeries nor dentistry ever. nor any mask nor rulles nor restrictions(aside from bullying)and no toxic sanitiser everywhere.and no toxic water supply.and no toxic chemtrails.and no toxic farm foods.if you do it i will consider you to be a child murderer.also i think people should not cut trees out of our forests(tho we do need some places to grow other plants too)and not suck the oil out of the ground and not grind up mountains(tho some metal is handy) and no fracking. and not killing animals either (unless they harm gentle animals) .

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hiy luhvz💗iym danu ihn calgary canada💗danu@happynuland.com💗for possable friendship teamwork and luhv💗text with your imaj so i know who you are💗14033695485💗

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