i would rent a warehouse or buy land. but i dont wanna stress myself out with needing to make money.i live very inexpensivly asiyd frum electricity and water and cable and gas caus thats how this is heated i think it poisons me and i wouldnt use it,,i would make methane from waste and i dont support/approov ov fracking nor sucking gass nor oil out ov the ground,,i think oil deposits messy when burnd and r insulation tu warm our surface ov our earth to keep us warmer,,so im just tryna organiyz tho i dohno where i want tu go yet💗💕🌈

hiy luhvz💗thaynx for joynihng mee💗learnihng owr ahbuhndHance on youtube thuh magnificent collaboration ov relatihvlee free media thaynk yu💗💕🌈i will compile a compalation ov miy fayvorite discovetieez eventually for yawll hopefully soon i can improov the prezentation ov this site i have sum ideas ,,i do want to joyn or create a collaborativ irl space to lihv aht wihth hooehvr yawll r luhv💗💕🌈i am constantly disrespected for my creative styl ov exisihng(having tonez ov junk/materialz to maky stuhf owtah ahnd beyihng mehssee) where iym aht stihl so i gotta moov arround or moov stihl ,i dont answer emails caus i gotta open mystery attatchments and i dont open mystery calls either ,,text message with pic i could recieve.💗say hiy if u wahna connect💗💕🌈

no. you should not be abducted to a covid hotel.espesialy since you have somewhere to go already.there should be handy security available right away if you need them and be able to lock it but mostly shouldnt have had to be there.if you represent yourself you can enter your statement as evidence.a layer might be handy for advice,but free lawyers give bad advise at court like take plea deals accepting charges for stuff you didnt do to get off bigger charges and stuff in defence,,but you should get free lawyers who get percentage of compensation but yes rebel news team deserve funding for great work💗💕🌈