dr brian conway and all the skamdemik doctors should not be permited to inject anyone.even if they think they want it.and they should never amputate anything off ov any living human nor animal beings especially.and no drills and no pins.no spade and neuter and release.also covax team has infected everyone with toxic sanitizer ,in fected ppe and swabs (since it spred as they rolled all that out by thousands per day.hand off ov anyone and all beingz who do not want their crap. also release Meng NOW. and compensate her however she wants.and Hong Kong and every other nation STOP harming your populations.

your not in non compliance.you know the law.also when did the populous of canada vote for these laws anyway. all laws should be with 100% community consent.covid hotels should now be free public space forever.also forcing people to close their biznesses should be illegal(aside from all biznesses that harm or confine any beings against their will unless they harm innocent beings.then they can go into the tiger pit at the zoo.unelect all who handed all our lives over to covax.all laws must be voted on and consented to or they should not stand.national votes.basicly golden rule only.forced to pay $200 to do stuff you dont wanna do.no one should support such tyrany.liberals put canada in debt to world bank and gave all canadians savings to covax.also no one should be harasing people at their personal homes unless the have kidnapd victoms there.

with yawll💗💕🌈happynuland.com💗💕🌈vegan styl💗💕🌈the big chain stores stayd open . we need city hall to be open to our public 24/7 open the art mall there too 24/7 and make greenhouse gardenz and waterparks everywhere💗💕🌈